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Primo Invictus 

Is an inclusive school for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ADHD, ADD (Attention- Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and Learning Disabilities.


We believe in age-appropriate learning for all children.

Every child is worthy of and deserves an education!

It is our responsibility to develop a place that fulfills their needs, where optimal learning can be achieved.

Our top priority is that each child has a voice, feels safe and respected.

Academic Program

We use the Think Digital program  a world-class online learning system.

We use the CAPS curriculum which form part of the National Curriculum Statement Grades R – 12. Think Digital allows our children to complete CAPS curriculum online.

CAPS available in both English and Afrikaans

Foundation Phase (Gr R-3)

Foundation Phase (Gr 4-6)

Foundation Phase (Gr 7-9)

FET Phase (Gr 10-12)

Co-curricular Activities

  • Music Therapy

  • Coding and Robotics

  • Fitness Program

  • Spelling to communicate

  • Swimming

  • Kinderkinetics